Cheryl Sorokin

Cherie Sorokin never expected to climb the corporate ladder.  Yet, by 1999 she was a Group Executive Vice President and Corporate Secretary of one of the major financial institutions in the U.S., and well-known in the corporate world for her expertise and leadership in corporate governance. At Bank of America Cherie also began to put […]


Etta Allen is a Marin pioneer for women in non-traditional careers. Etta showed an early resolve for entering fields not ordinarily open to women by earning an airplane pilot’s license while still a teenager. Later, she co-founded a heating, air conditioning and sheet metal business with her husband, Jim. Upon his death, she faced tremendous […]


Kit M. Cole has dedicated her professional life to bringing women into leadership roles in the financial field. As a young divorcee with five children under the age of six, she left her job teaching to work as an assistant in a brokerage house. She quickly obtained her brokers license and became one of the […]


In 1983, Judge Savitt became the first woman to serve on the Marin County Superior Court bench. She earned her law degree at Bolt Hall School of Law at UC Berkeley. She and two other attorneys formed the first all-female law firm in the country. She was the eighth woman to join the Marin County […]

Beth Ashley

From her first job as program director of a ‘start-up’ radio station called KTIM, to her work as an editor of the China Daily in Beijing, Beth Ashley has had a rich and varied career. Ms. Ashley has reflected Marin County’s history to new readers and captured warm reminiscences for its long-time residents. She has […]

Alice Yarish

Alice Yarish always loved to write. She wrote for various publications throughout high school, college and law school. During the Olympic Games held in Los Angeles in the summer of 1932, Alice reported on the women’s competitive events. Eventually moving to Marin, she began to cover the courts, prisons and other aspects of the criminal […]

Ann Diamond

Newsweek noted that Ann Diamond founded the first all women-lawyer legal firm in the Bay Area. In addition to that first, Ms. Diamond also pioneered the area of family law as a legal specialty. As a member of the Family Law Advisory Commission of the California State Bar, she helped to set state guidelines for […]

Elaine Petrocelli

When Elaine Petrocelli opened a bookstore thirty-two years ago, she envisioned a place that would bring the world to Marin and vice versa. That she has done so successfully, against the odds, is in itself a great story. Elaine Petrocelli has always been the face and heart of Book Passage, with her husband, Bill, working […]

Catherine Munson

The Marin Women’s Hall of Fame honors Catherine Munson for her past efforts to preserve the Marin County Civic Center, acquire land for permanent open space and create the Point Reyes National Seashore. Catherine Munson grew up in a little town in central Nebraska during the depression. Her childhood was simple, but she enjoyed an […]

Julie Abrams

Julie Castro Abrams is the CEO of Women’s Initiative for Self Employment, a nonprofit that provides education, training and microloans to women-owned small businesses and transforms the lives of low income, high potential graduates. Under Ms. Abrams’s direction, the training-based, micro lending program has generated a return of thirty dollars to the local economy for […]