Patricia Kendall

Pat Kendall’s first community was the San Francisco neighborhood where she was born and raised. On her block, young couples, like her parents, bought their homes new, started their families, and many spent their last days there. Her  neighborhood became an extended family, giving the children a strong start. Pat talks fondly of the parents […]

Patricia Arrigoni

Patricia Alice Larry Arrigoni was born and grew up in the Midwest in the town of Danville, Illinois. For a small Midwest town, Danville was home to an unusually long list of celebrities including Gene Hackman, Donald O’Connor, Bobby Short, and the Van Dyke brothers, Dick and Jerry. Pat and Jerry were good friends, playing […]

Wanden Treanor, JD

Marin County would be a starkly different community had Wanden Treanor not dedicated herself to social justice issues — as an attorney, community activist, volunteer, and donor.  Wanden has an internal compass for equality and justice that never wavers and she has contributed to our community and those most in need in Marin for more […]


Dr. Rosario Carr-Casanova’s every move is focused on the empowerment of women and the improvement of their status. Throughout her dual careers as an accomplished psychotherapist and a professor, Dr. Carr-Casanova has demonstrated her belief in this goal. She has a deep love for education and a dream of providing opportunities for as many people […]


Frances Steadman’s selection for the 1998 Marin Women’s Hall of Fame is an appropriate tribute to her courage and leadership in the cause of peace and justice. Born to Quaker parents with strong convictions, Steadman grew up with a commitment to oppose all warfare and to disallow discrimination against people of other races. For more […]


Martha Martinez volunteered for many organizations that provided services for the Latino population in Marin, especially those that helped Latinos become more a part of the community. Where no programs existed, she started them. One of her most outstanding services was the work she did for the Novato police department in composing Spanish translations for […]

Joyce H. Goldfield

As a young mother, Joyce Goldfield spent hours on the ice-skating rink, in the ballet studio and in her sail boat. After a violent attack on her life, which she miraculously survived, Ms. Goldfield developed multiple sclerosis (associated with the trauma of this attack). Subsequent balance problems interfered with her ability to ice skate at […]

Marguerita C. Johnson

When Marguerita Johnson graduated with a Master’s in Education in the 1930s, there were few teaching positions in the North for an African-American woman. When she was unable to find work in her home state of Illinois, she moved to Florida and taught in a one-room school house until the advent of the Second World […]

Rebecca Porrata

Rebecca Orosco de Porrata was born in a barrio in Southern California. Although her alcoholic father was frequently absent from the home because of his work as a longshoreman, her mother was always present to guide and encourage her, and remains her role model to this day. Ms. Porrata studied nursing at Creedmore State Hospital […]

Betty Times

Betty Times was a leader in Marin County since high school days. Married and the mother of five children by the age of twenty two, Ms. Times entered a job training program when her youngest child was two. She simultaneously entered a bachelor’s degree program and earned her B.S. in 1979. She began working for […]