Sister Samuel was a dedicated and exemplary educator, and a member of the Sisters of St. Dominic. She received her Ph.D. in English Literature from Stanford University, and joined the faculty of Dominican college in 1957, serving as President of the College from 1968-80. She continued to teach English, and under her leadership the college […]

Melba Patillo Beals

Amid the howling mobs and fiery storm of the 1957 battle to integrate Little Rock Central High School, Melba Pattillo Beals and eight other young warriors risked their lives to change history. The U.S. Congress voted Beals and her “Little Rock Nine” companions the Congressional Gold Medal for their contribution to the Civil Rights movement. […]

Francoise Lepage, PhD

For thirty years, Françoise Lepage, PhD, Professor and Dean Emerita at Dominican University of California’s School of Business, has pursued a vision: To enhance Marin’s global perspective. What makes this woman unique is her singular ability to translate her vision into concrete plans and partnerships. In the 1980s she secured a National Science Foundation grant […]

Sister Marion Irvine, O.P.

Sister Marion is committed to serving others by raising social consciousness, primarily through teaching, administration and example. In 1949, she began her vocation as a Roman Catholic nun and taught third-graders at St. Raphael Elementary School in San Rafael. For fifty years, Sister Marion held eleven different positions in education in Marin, Vallejo, Monterey, Stockton, […]

Denise M. Lucy, Ed.D.

Dr. Denise Lucy is one of Marin’s progressive educators. She has consistently demonstrated academic leadership and vision in the formation of degree programs and strategic partnerships providing unique educational and community engagement in Marin County. Her commitment to educational equity has been unwavering during her thirty years in higher education. Denise believes that education is […]

Lee Ann Bartolini, Ph.D.

Dr. LeeAnn Bartolini, professor of psychology and co-chair of Dominican University of California’s Psychology Department, is one of Dominican’s outstanding educators. Since joining the faculty in 1985, Dr. Bartolini has helped to build a strong and successful psychology program, develop new curricula, and mentor hundreds of students as they prepare for graduate school. Dr. Bartolini’s […]