Tamra Peters

Tamra Peters, Founder & Executive Director, Resilient Neighborhoods Growing Up. Over the course of five decades, Tamra Peters has demonstrated her passion to protect the natural world. She grew up in the 1950’s in Arlington, Virginia, playing in the woods and fields with her brother and the neighborhood kids. There was always something to discover […]

Cyane Dandridge

Cyane Dandridge is the founder and executive director of Strategic Energy Innovations (SEI), and the School of the Environmental Leadership (SEL). Throughout her 30 plus years of experience Cyane has seen the challenges communities face, such as lack of access to energy efficiency services, clean technology, and real-world sustainability pathways. Cyane was born in Indiana, […]

Wendy Dreskin

Wendy Dreskin has worked for decades to encourage people of all ages, from preschoolers to seniors, to connect with and learn about the environment. She has inspired generations of environmental stewards who have developed a sense of place, and an understanding of, and responsibility for, our open spaces in Marin and beyond. Born and raised […]


Patty Garbarino, President of Marin Sanitary Service, has been at the forefront of recycling technology nationwide. Her company began the first curbside recycling program and she was instrumental in beginning Marin’s Hazardous Waste Collection program. In the male-dominated waste management business, Ms. Garbarino has demonstrated courage and leadership. Despite the less-than-welcoming attitude in the industry […]


Pamela Wright Lloyd of Mill Valley has devoted much of her life to safeguarding the environment. She was a founder of the Marin Conservation Corps (MCC), the first local community conservation corps in the U.S., which provides disadvantaged youth with opportunities to learn land stewardship and develop job skills through community service. In 1972, Lloyd […]


Ellen Tirza Lotte Straus was a rancher and environmentalist who dedicated her life to preserving a viable agricultural community in West Marin. Credited with building a bridge between Marin’s dairy ranchers and its environmentalists, she co-founded the Marin Agricultural Land Trust (MALT), the first agricultural land trust in the nation and a model for protecting […]


Phyllis Faber graduated with a Master’s in Microbiology from Yale University and attended San Francisco State University. She is a recognized authority in the area of environmental issues, particularly wetlands. Her work in long-term monitoring of wetlands in San Francisco Bay is providing data for a new round of marsh restoration projects. She is the […]

Karin Urquhart

Growing up in Fairfax, the young Karin Alstrom spent long, happy hours roaming Marin’s hills. In the early 1970s, when her favorite Cascade Canyon was targeted for development, Ms. Urquhart declared, “Over my dead body!”, and launched a career that swept her from devoted mother of seven to environmentalist with respected credentials and political sophistication. […]

Louise A. Boyd

Born to great wealth, Louise Arner Boyd had the options that a life without financial concerns promised. In place of comfort, she chose the challenges of sub-zero temperatures, scientific exploration, polar bear, and cramped living quarters. Starting in the 1920s, she took the highly unusual path of becoming an explorer of the Arctic. In recognition […]

Gloria Duncan

Long before waste management became popular, Gloria Duncan was a leader forging a coalition of environmentalists, consumers, business communities and local governments. Their task was to address issues associated with recycling, resource recovery and litter control. Working closely with the garbage industry, she played a major role in pioneering curbside recycling. She also assisted in […]