Caroline S. Livermore

Beginning in the 1930s, Caroline Livermore realized that the beauty of Marin could not last forever without protection and planning. She devoted her life to that end. She helped to halt development of Mount Tamalpais, saving its slopes for the valuable watershed it has become. Later, she was instrumental in having part of the mountain […]

Jean Starkweather

Jean Starkweather worked for many years to preserve the beauty and natural features of Marin County. One person commented, “Anytime there is a public hearing on an issue that will affect the environment, Jean Starkweather is present, both with information and a readiness to take action.” Ms. Starkweather worked on preservation and restoration of wetland […]

Anne T. Kent

Anne T. Kent devoted her life to serving and enriching the Marin community through her enthusiastic interest and energetic participation in a variety of activities. She showed her love of the environment by donating half of Kent Island in Bolinas Lagoon to the Nature Conservancy as a wildlife refuge. A woman who loved being outdoors, […]

Hilda Castillo

Hilda Castillo has not wasted a minute of her twenty-two years in the U.S. She came to Sonoma State as an international student to learn English and earn a master’s degree, then returned to Venezuela. Before long the University recruited her, so back she came with her children, this time to stay. Her education, talents, […]

Deborah Santana

Deborah Santana is a true Renaissance woman. To say she’s an author, business woman, wife, mother and philanthropist is to scratch the surface. Perhaps the best way to understand this woman is to look at her memoir, Space Between the Stars: My Journey to an Open Heart. With grace and wisdom, she explores issues of […]

Beverly Wright Bastian

Beverly Wright Bastian was known rightfully as the Tiburon Penninsula’s ‘community organizer extraordinaire.’ She founded the Belvedere-Tiburon Landmarks Society in 1959. Under her direction, the Society acquired, restored and maintained the peninsula’s most cherished historical landmarks: Old St. Hilary’s, the Social Saloon of the S.S. China (China Cabin), the Tiburon Railroad-Ferry Depot Museum and the […]

Rose Verrall

Rose Rodrigues da Fonta Verrall (1883 – 1964) knew that giving to the community is an inherent part of life in Marin. But giving one’s entire inheritance of shoreline property to become a wildlife sanctuary is extraordinary generosity. This is the story of an incredible gift by a unique woman known as “Tiburon’s Goat Lady.” […]

Remmy Kingsley

Remmy Kingsley remembered the moment years ago when she spotted a mushroom growing through the macadam in her driveway. “I was awed,” she said. “Right then I saw the power of nature.” That moment set the stage for a lifetime of environmental activism. Born Rembert Brimm eighty-seven years ago in Providence, RI, Remmy’s early responsibilities […]

Barbara Salzman

Barbara Salzman has been speaking out to protect wetlands, wildlife and the health of our ecosystems for almost forty years, but she did not start out as an advocate for these resources. Barbara grew up in Upper Darby Pennsylvania, a mostly-developed area with very little natural environment left. The only open space was a neighborhood […]

Deborah Ann Hubsmith

Deb Hubsmith, Founder of the Safe Routes to School National Partnership, was a brilliant, kind and deeply loving spirit and a passionate, hard working and effective advocate who gave selflessly throughout her personal and working life. While she was seeking balance in recent years so she could spend more time connecting with community, dancing, doing […]