Lynn O’Malley Taylor

In my wildest dreams I never imagined having the honor and privilege of serving as a judge for the State of California for the last 35 years. My parents, Edmund James O’Malley and Elizabeth Hoover O’Malley, grew up during the depression. My father paid for college and law school cleaning toilets. My parents met at […]


Joyce Luther Kennard’s journey through life has been remarkable: From an early childhood spent in an internment camp in West Java during World War II, to preadolescence spent in the jungles of New Guinea with her widowed mother and four other families in a small Quonset hut with no running water, to an American immigrant […]

Margaret B. Azevedo

Not content to just identify problems, Margaret Azevedo was always one of the few who solved them. Ms. Azevedo moved to Marin County in 1951 and became involved with the local Democratic Party, where she chaired the successful campaign for reelection of Vera Schultz to the Board of Supervisors in 1956. Shortly thereafter, she was […]

Jean S. Barnard

A member of a pioneer Mill Valley family, Jean Barnard graduated Phi Beta Kappa from Vassar College in 1940, first in her class with degrees in political science and music. Concern for good government and the environment led her to monitor board meetings at various levels of local government, which ultimately resulted in her election […]

Barbara Boxer

A 1962 graduate of Brooklyn College with a B.S. degree in Economics, Ms. Boxer stepped into the Wall Street scene as a stockbroker and economic researcher. As an award-winning journalist in the 1970s, Ms. Boxer’s special assignment at the Pacific Sun was to report the activities of the County Board of Supervisors. Active in community […]

Elizabeth Gatov

A long-time political activist, Elizabeth Smith Gatov served as Democratic Committeewoman for California from 1956 – 1965. In 1960, she was appointed by President Kennedy as the Treasurer of the United States, becoming the highest placed woman in that administration. In her early years, Ms. Gatov was active in civic activities such as the Junior […]

Helen Nelson

Helen Nelson devoted most of her adult life to consumer advocacy and education. With a focus on the American consumer, she promoted fairness and truth. Often in the public spotlight, she held press conferences, testified before state legislatures and the U.S. Congress, addressed countless audiences and worked with numerous national and international leaders. Helen began […]

Vera Schultz

Vera Schultz was a trailblazer for Marin County women’s involvement in politics. During her lifetime, she was a living demonstration that women can make a constructive contribution to society. She was first elected to the Mill Valley City Council, and within a few years she became the first woman ever elected to the Marin County […]

Anne Charles

Anne was an ardent feminist whose indomitable spirit and political skills advanced the cause of human rights for everyone. She broke ground in the women’s movement; as a member of Marin’s first Women’s Commission in 1974, she started a county process that brought women’s issues to public attention. As Chair of the Commission’s Affirmative Action […]

Grace A. Hughes

Through her outstanding business acumen and dedication to the community, Grace Hughes has brought success to her company as well as generous commitment to many Marin nonprofit organizations. Since Ms. Hughes became President of the Marin Airporter in 1984, the company has evolved from an eight-vehicle operation to a twenty-six bus ‘transportation empire’ with two […]