Jean A. Taylor

For the better part of thirty years, Jean has voraciously tackled mounting social crisis that many find too daunting to even acknowledge. The courage and tenacity she has shown confronting homelessness, suicides & court corruption in Marin has had rippling and lasting effects. In 1989 Jean began to take notice that homelessness was on a […]

Linda Jacobs

Since 1973, Linda Jacobs has worked and volunteered for numerous local and national nonprofit organizations on a diversity of issues. Born in Coral Gables, Florida, after her parents left Philadelphia to start their life together, Linda was raised in a family where both parents worked and volunteered; her mother active in the Jewish congregation and […]

Joan Brown

Joan Brown created Marin County’s internationally acclaimed Civic Center Volunteers (CCV), and directed it for more than thirty-two years. She started the program after property-tax-cutting Proposition 13 passed, with zero volunteers, and the first-ever county strike looming only weeks away. The program grew to more than 8,500 volunteers in 2011 when Joan retired, increasing services […]