When you need to fill a position, you need candidates. Yesterday.

You’ve got limited time to sift through the hundreds of resumes you’ve received through Craigslist and to find the few that are actually qualified. You want someone who can hit the ground running, who doesn’t require training and who can easily fit into your team.

You need a free service that can make your hiring process fast and tailored to your needs. We can help.

Contact Bette to get your recruitment started: 415-479-9922 or email us.

We needed an Event and Marketing Coordinator for our culinary events program. We contacted the YWCA Fifty+ program. They pre-screened candidates and we eagerly hired one. She has been a wonderful addition and we are grateful to have her and to have our relationship with the YWCA. The service is great and the fee is even better — free!

Marin County Employer


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