YWCA Golden Gate Silicon Valley is on a mission to eliminate racism, empower women, and promote peace, justice, freedom, and dignity for all.


The strategic, thoughtful, and intentional merger of YWCA Silicon Valley and YWCA San Francisco & Marin in 2020 created a forward-looking, impact-seeking enterprise operating under its new name: YWCA Golden Gate Silicon Valley (“YWCA” and “Your YWCA”). By joining forces and combining their 143 collective years of experience to create the most impactful YWCA in the Bay Area, the organization continues to expand its focus on eliminating racism and empowering women. Your YWCA serves approximately 15,000 people annually through an array of programs and services delivered by highly skilled staff and dedicated volunteers. Your YWCA has programming on offer or in development in Santa Clara, San Mateo, San Francisco, and Marin counties, with offices in San Jose and Marin, housing properties in Santa Clara and San Francisco Counties, and a new office property in development to provide programs for San Mateo County.

YWCA Golden Gate Silicon Valley, one of the first multiservice agencies in the Bay Area, is rooted in its Theory of Change which requires a continuum of response to the challenges of racism, sexism, and gender-based violence. The organization offers direct services to meet immediate needs, issue education to change hearts and minds in its local communities, and legislative advocacy to change the rules and systems, in order to achieve greater equity and justice for all.

Organizational Overview

YWCA Golden Gate Silicon Valley powers its mission with programs focused on 1) empowering people and communities in healing from the trauma of racism, bigotry and violence, 2) achieving solutions to homelessness for people impacted by racism, gender inequality, and violence and 3) inspiring opportunity and economic security by closing the prosperity and education gap. Your YWCA focuses the provision of

these services to those impacted by race and gender inequality, and it uses an intersectional and intergenerational approach that recognizes the compounding impact of oppression.

To that end, Your YWCA provides programs and services that form a critical continuum of response for all of the clients it serves in its many programs throughout the Bay Area. The organization offers healing, empowerment and prevention programs to survivors of domestic violence, sexual assault and human trafficking and their families. It offers housing continuum options, like homelessness prevention, motelling, emergency shelter, rapid rehousing, permanent supportive housing, affordable housing and both commercial and residential property management. Your YWCA provides licensed childcare (full day and afterschool) in addition to contracted childcare services to Housing partners, ensuring quality and affordable childcare services for children ages 6 weeks to 13 years of age. While their children are in a safe environment, parents and caregivers are on the path to economic or educational fulfillment. Your YWCA’s FiftyPlus Employment Program empowers economically vulnerable women over the age of 50 to achieve economic self-sufficiency through employment. The organization offers job training and placement services specifically tailored to the unique barriers and needs of this population at no cost. In addition, in response to the global pandemic Your YWCA has expanded its employment services to launch new 60+ Career Express

& Tech Success programs, supporting older adults of all genders with upskilling for a virtual workplace and navigating the complexities of finding and keeping work during COVID-19 and a national economic recession.

While Your YWCA serves clients from all socioeconomic backgrounds, ethnicities, and ages, the individuals and families it serves are often at the intersections of racism, sexism, violence, and trauma. Through thoughtful, multidimensional, culturally responsive programming the organization removes barriers, seeks inclusion, and fights systems of inequity. In 2020, YWCA impacted over 15,000 individuals and families with services. Client demographics include: 89% female, over 85% identify as Black, Indigenous, or People of Color (BIPOC), 11% LGBTQ, and over 90% fall within the extremely low to low income categories (as defined by the

  • Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). Additionally, all core services are offered for free, with the exception of a nominal sliding scale fee for therapy. Subsidies are available for childcare and affordable housing, thus making services available to everyone regardless of economic status.

Your YWCA is powered by the efforts of 140 employees that reflect the communities that it serves. Eighty percent of employees identify as Black, Indigenous or People of Color and over 95% identify as women. The organization’s annual budget is over $18 million. The Executive Staff Team of six includes an Interim CEO, Chief Administration Officer/Chief Financial Officer, Chief Operating Officer, Chief Program Officer of Expanding Opportunity, Chief Program Officer of Healing & Justice, Chief Program Officer of Housing and Development, and Chief Philanthropy Officer. The broader Mission Accountability Team includes an additional seven professionals, and are collectively accountable for the mission impact of the agency.

Please see www.yourywca.org for more organizational information.


A Compelling Opportunity

YWCA Golden Gate Silicon Valley is on a mission to eliminate racism, empower women, stand up for social justice, support families, and strengthen communities. YWCA offers direct service, issue education and legislative advocacy to empower women and girls with a priority focus on communities of color, as well as designing future programs and services to continue the fight for racial justice and gender equality. YWCA’s

leadership is committed to ensuring mission-centered, equity-focused, consistent, high quality, and high impact programs and services across the four counties of its service area.

This executive leadership position with YWCA Golden Gate Silicon Valley is an exciting opportunity to lead an organization at the forefront of its interconnected mission of eliminating racism and empowering women in the Bay Area, participating in and influencing the movement of racial justice and gender equality both locally and through its national YWCA movement. To be able to lead this mission in one of the most economically stratified and racially diverse areas in the country offers an opportunity to inspire, motivate, and lead for true social impact. Your YWCA, this powerhouse for good, is more important now than ever before and is well-positioned to make even greater contributions to the communities it serves.

Position Overview

The Board of Directors of YWCA Golden Gate Silicon Valley is seeking a Chief Executive Officer (“CEO”) who is a proven executive leader with a track record of solid and progressive experience in leadership and management roles, preferably in the fields of racial justice, gender-specific programs and services, gender- based violence, housing, and/or workforce development. The Board is seeking visionary, strategic executive leadership which empowers operational excellence at Your YWCA. The CEO will be a passionate champion of racial justice and gender equity for all communities.

The CEO will leverage the expertise, as well as inspire the confidence and trust, of YWCA’s full staff team, from the Executive Team to the Mission Accountability Team to the line staff in programs and services in all four counties in which YWCA operates. The CEO will lead strategy development and executive oversight of implementation of best practices in developing and executing programs that fulfill YWCA’s mission. The CEO will also work with staff to ensure continued merger integration, with assessment of systems, processes, and procedures to promote and support growth in all operational areas.

The CEO will work in partnership with the Board of Directors and the Mission Accountability Team to ensure that programs and services developed are sustainable and in alignment with the mission, vision, and current strategic plan. They will work with the Board to ensure good governance practices. The CEO will work with the merged Board to continue integration efforts and to leverage opportunities for increased mission impact due to the merger.

The CEO will bring and effectively deploy a high level of political acumen and fund development savvy to build, strengthen and regularly steward relationships with elected and appointed government officials, policy makers, industry leaders, community leaders and representatives, nonprofit executives, funders as well as philanthropic leaders. They will be highly adept at nuanced community leadership and communications. They will inspire these leaders to entrust YWCA with the work ahead, award YWCA contracts and philanthropic commitments for program delivery, and ask for YWCA to be a key leader and spokesperson when critical decisions are discussed and decided for its local communities.

The CEO will serve as the spokesperson for YWCA, representing the organization to clients, external audiences, stakeholders, funders, donors, parties of interest, and community members. They will be articulate, authentic, highly communicative, and transparent in external relations. The CEO will be skilled and adept at visibility raising and brand building. The CEO will be a thought leader in the field and in the national network of the YWCA movement.

The CEO will have experience in one or more of YWCA’s program and services areas and will demonstrate alignment with YWCA’s strategic and operational work in its expanded geographic footprint of four Bay Area counties. The CEO will ensure consistent and equitable programming across the geographic area as well as ensure strong and productive cross-functional collaborations to ensure non-siloed work efficiencies.

The CEO will work in partnership with the Board and CFO and COO on the strategic and operational financial management of YWCA, bringing the executive leadership lens to the financial operations to ensure sustainability, appropriate and accurate risk identification and management, as well as sound financial management policies and procedures.

The CEO will support the strategic HR initiatives of YWCA including recruiting and retaining best-in-class talent, offering professional development, caring for its people, and leading the organization with a lens of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion. The CEO will be fully supportive of the implementation of the internal Race Equity Plan that is underway. The CEO will model confident and competent team building with staff and Board. The CEO will be expressive in supporting staff via an emphasis on recognition and celebration of efforts, coupled with mindfulness of the importance of self-care and balanced life activities particularly when working within and in service of communities highly impacted by trauma, violence, racism and sexism.


Organizational Leadership & Strategy

  • Provides executive leadership, in collaboration with the Board, in strategic and organizational planning, with vision and innovation to strengthen YWCA’s core competencies and ensure financial sustainability.
    • Provides executive leadership and management of YWCA, ensuring high level strategic thinking is engendered with Board and staff; operational and financial management is executed appropriately by staff; and governance is executed appropriately by the Board.
    • Strategically leads the Board and staff in establishing goals and developing policies, procedures, budgets and programs that fulfill the mission.
    • Supports and engenders participation of and feedback from clients. Ensures accountability by reporting back on what YWCA heard and what will be done next as a result of said client feedback.
    • Supports and partners with the Board for ongoing board recruitment and development with a focus on increasing the diversity of board members.
    • Maintains and enhances YWCA’s reputation as an expert in racial justice and women’s empowerment, amplifying opportunities and outcomes from YWCA’s programs and connecting YWCA’s work to leading best thinking in the field.
    • Models collaborative leadership with internal Board, staff, and clients as well as external partners, stakeholders, funders, and donors.

Organizational Culture

  • Ensures YWCA is an organization that is prioritizing, valuing, resourcing and celebrating actions and activities that lead to high morale, collaborative actions, and shared purpose.
    • Recruits, develops (via coaching, mentoring, guidance, feedback), and retains mission-focused professionals at every level of the organization. Understands the nuances and complexities of

leading and motivating a diverse staff with different personalities and work styles, working at the intersections of racism, sexism and trauma.

  • Nurtures high levels of Board and staff engagement; leads a culture of empowerment, integrity and inclusion.
    • Establishes a trust-based relationship with staff, ensuring the ability and safety of staff bring their authentic selves to work; this includes the CEO modeling with courageous vulnerability, authenticity, connection and whole-heartedness in leadership.

Community Programs and Services

  • Understands the deep roots of systemic inequity and elevates equity as a focus throughout YWCA; activates diversity through a process of recognizing and engaging differences, while leading with inclusion of all of YWCA’s stakeholders.
    • Leads strategic thinking, in partnership with Board and staff, on YWCA’s continued and expanding programs. Ensures ongoing local programmatic excellence, rigorous program evaluation, and consistent quality; recommends timelines and resources needed to achieve the strategic program goals.
    • Brings knowledge and understanding of racial and social justice field to the work of risk assessment, decision making, people management and business planning.
    • Centers YWCA on client needs with an eye towards harnessing the power of its staff, volunteers, and clients to lead in the community.

Fundraising and Communications

  • Strengthens YWCA’s fundraising capability, working in partnership with the Philanthropy Team, by diversifying and growing its revenue channels to support capacity, infrastructure, and programs.
    • Builds on YWCA’s strong growth in programmatic funding; understands the complexity and nuance of securing programmatic funding in particular with government funders.
    • Works in partnership with YWCA’s CFO, COO and Philanthropy Team to design and achieve a responsive revenue model that resources the needs for the organization.
    • Individually cultivates relationships and secures financial support from government agencies, foundations, businesses, and individual donors.
    • Engages philanthropic leadership in supporting the priorities of underserved and underrepresented communities.

External Relations and Advocacy

  • Serves as the lead spokesperson for YWCA, representing YWCA and its work to various government, philanthropic, policy, stakeholder groups, and broadly to the community.
    • Builds and manages relationships with elected officials, local and state agencies, business and community partners, community, and nonprofit leaders.
    • Builds strategic alliances and partnerships with like-minded organizations and a broad array of stakeholders to overcome challenges and advance shared policy and advocacy goals.
    • Builds on and furthers YWCA’s brand and reputation, locally and nationally.
    • Identifies strategic opportunities to advance YWCA’s mission and agenda.
    • Engages collaboratively with National YWCA and other YWCAs around the country on mutually advantageous activities and endeavors.


Education: Bachelor’s degree or equivalent experience. Graduate degree in business, public administration, or related advanced degree preferred.

Experience:   Minimum 10 years of senior management experience in positions of increasing responsibility and authority in nonprofit organizations, with a track record of effectively leading a performance- and outcomes-based organization and staff.

Demonstrated commitment to and success with leading internally and externally on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion efforts, along with cultural fluency and competency.

Excellent organizational management of staff teams, with the ability to attract, manage, coach, and professionally develop, as well as retain high-performing, best-in-class professionals.

Track record of setting and achieving strategic organizational objectives, often by engaging with external partners and stakeholders. Experience successfully establishing and stewarding these external relationships.

Demonstrated financial management savvy, understanding the drivers of organizational profitability and sustainability, including budgeting, forecasting, and financial performance analysis.

Excellent track record of fundraising success with the ability to engage a wide range of financial supporters, including individual donors, foundation funders, corporate support, and government funders and partners. stakeholders and cultures

Outstanding presentation and communication skills and the experience and ability to be an engaging spokesperson, relationship builder, and face of the organization. Successful track record visibility raising and brand building.

The successful candidate will be:

  • Passionate about and thoroughly committed to YWCA’s mission, reflecting being a mission-driven professional with a belief in and commitment to racial justice and gender equity.
    • A visionary executive leader with personal authenticity and unquestionable integrity; willing to listen, ask questions, and be comfortable not having all the answers.
    • Politically savvy, self-driven, innovative, and engaging, with an ability to inspire others to want to

be a part of the YWCA’s work.

  • A strategic thinker able to navigate and lead in an ever-changing political and economic landscape.
    • Trusting and trustworthy in all relationships, and particularly invested in building genuine and connected staff relationships.
    • Collaborative and able to develop consensus among multiple stakeholders with proven expertise in building authentic and lasting relationships.
    • Respectful and empowering of YWCA’s fundamentals that contribute to successful partnerships, programs, outcomes and future success; a leader that makes the path for others to lead at their best.
    • Able to receive information from many sources, analyze and formulate disparate information into a coherent and sound outcome or plan.

▪      Humble, compassionate, empathic, optimistic, and emotionally intelligent.

  • A  compelling  and  engaging  public  speaker,  a  natural  communicator  who  is  articulate  and comfortable being transparent.
    • Flexible and sensitive working with diverse personalities and situations; tactful yet firm when appropriate in negotiations or encountering obstacles.
    • Pragmatic and inclusive in decision making.

The successful candidate will have:

▪      Executive gravitas reflecting experience, skills, and credibility.

  • Excellent oral and written communication skills including very active, well developed listening skills.
    • An adherence to transparency regarding information sharing and expectation setting.
    • Demonstrated  well-developed,  engaging  interpersonal  skills  that  are  culturally  sensitive  and competent.
    • Decision making abilities and the ability to take bold actions when appropriate.

      The ability to bridge differences effectively with a wide array of individuals and diverse groups.

  • A track record of inspiring, mentoring, developing and retaining staff.
    • An understanding of social justice, systemic inequity, and leading with a demonstrated appreciation of diversity, equity and inclusion; an aptitude for working in diverse communities of color.
    • Success elevating an organization’s visibility and reputation. START TIMEFRAME

YWCA seeks to have the new CEO in place by late Summer/early Fall 2021.


A competitive compensation package, including a comprehensive benefits package, will be offered, commensurate with experience. YWCA Golden Gate Silicon Valley actively welcomes all candidates from a wide range of backgrounds who have the skills to fulfill this role, regardless of compensation history.

All applications are held in confidence.

For additional information regarding this opportunity, please contact:

Sally Carlson, Managing PartnerHeidi Holzhauer, PartnerClaire LeTard, Principal
415.203.5259 mobile; 917.922.6113 mobile707.963.1250 direct985.773.3326 direct
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