Marin Women’s Hall of Fame

The Marin Women’s Hall of Fame publicly honors the achievements of Marin women, preserves their stories, educates the public and inspires the continued achievements of women and girls.

YWCA is proud to act as the stewards of the Marin Women’s Hall of Fame, and we celebrate the successes and growth of women’s contributions each year through community nominations and an Induction Ceremony for five phenomenal Marin women each year.


The Marin Women’s Hall of Fame was cofounded by the YWCA, AAUW, and the Marin Women’s Commission in 1987. Before the Marin Women's Hall of Fame, virtually no records of women's achievements had been recorded in Marin County. YWCA became the steward of the program in 2013, ensuring a legacy for future generations that documents not only successes, but also represents a diverse sisterhood of women supporting each other, standing together and moving the needle on progress for all women.

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