Betty Times

Betty Times was a leader in Marin County since high school days. Married and the mother of five children by the age of twenty two, Ms. Times entered a job training program when her youngest child was two. She simultaneously entered a bachelor’s degree program and earned her B.S. in 1979. She began working for […]

Annette Klang Smail

In the 1940s, Annette Klang Smail began her career as a social reformer by working for the Congress of Racial Equality (C.O.R.E.) in Chicago. Long an advocate of solutions to economic problems, she lobbied at the local, state and national levels against poverty, racism and gender discrimination. Ms. Smail spearheaded the grassroots efforts to have […]

Dorothy A. Hughes

A self-proclaimed radical working for peace and social justice, Dorothy Hughes’ concerns about the isolation and disarray of American families led to a variety of events, programs and numerous efforts to reshape relevant public policy. Her efforts began while working on her master’s degree and raising eight children. She also taught disadvantaged youth and was […]

Gloria Duncan

Long before waste management became popular, Gloria Duncan was a leader forging a coalition of environmentalists, consumers, business communities and local governments. Their task was to address issues associated with recycling, resource recovery and litter control. Working closely with the garbage industry, she played a major role in pioneering curbside recycling. She also assisted in […]

Barbara Boxer

A 1962 graduate of Brooklyn College with a B.S. degree in Economics, Ms. Boxer stepped into the Wall Street scene as a stockbroker and economic researcher. As an award-winning journalist in the 1970s, Ms. Boxer’s special assignment at the Pacific Sun was to report the activities of the County Board of Supervisors. Active in community […]