Ethel Seiderman

Ethel Seiderman is nationally recognized for her creative approaches to childcare and family, establishing cooperative nursery schools tied to parent education programs. Growing up in the Bronx during the Depression years, and educated at Brooklyn College during the McCarthy era, Ms. Seiderman worked in the settlement movement, first at the Henry Street Settlement House in […]

Rebecca Porrata

Rebecca Orosco de Porrata was born in a barrio in Southern California. Although her alcoholic father was frequently absent from the home because of his work as a longshoreman, her mother was always present to guide and encourage her, and remains her role model to this day. Ms. Porrata studied nursing at Creedmore State Hospital […]

Carolyn Horan, Ed.D.

As Executive Director of the Beryl Buck Institute for Education, Carolyn Horan is dedicated to working with schools to restructure education to better meet student and family needs. While working to support her two children, Ms. Horan earned her B.S. and Masters degree from San Francisco State University. During her education, she was involved in […]

Louise A. Boyd

Born to great wealth, Louise Arner Boyd had the options that a life without financial concerns promised. In place of comfort, she chose the challenges of sub-zero temperatures, scientific exploration, polar bear, and cramped living quarters. Starting in the 1920s, she took the highly unusual path of becoming an explorer of the Arctic. In recognition […]

Jean S. Barnard

A member of a pioneer Mill Valley family, Jean Barnard graduated Phi Beta Kappa from Vassar College in 1940, first in her class with degrees in political science and music. Concern for good government and the environment led her to monitor board meetings at various levels of local government, which ultimately resulted in her election […]