Dr. Shirley A. Thornton

A strong advocate of equality and excellence in education for all children, Dr. Shirley Thornton served as Deputy Superintendent of the Specialized Programs Branch of the California Department of Education from 1986 through 1995. She also served as Vice-Chair of the Board of Trustees of the Marin Community foundation. She was named to the board […]

Joyce H. Goldfield

As a young mother, Joyce Goldfield spent hours on the ice-skating rink, in the ballet studio and in her sail boat. After a violent attack on her life, which she miraculously survived, Ms. Goldfield developed multiple sclerosis (associated with the trauma of this attack). Subsequent balance problems interfered with her ability to ice skate at […]

Margaret B. Azevedo

Not content to just identify problems, Margaret Azevedo was always one of the few who solved them. Ms. Azevedo moved to Marin County in 1951 and became involved with the local Democratic Party, where she chaired the successful campaign for reelection of Vera Schultz to the Board of Supervisors in 1956. Shortly thereafter, she was […]

Beth Ashley

From her first job as program director of a ‘start-up’ radio station called KTIM, to her work as an editor of the China Daily in Beijing, Beth Ashley has had a rich and varied career. Ms. Ashley has reflected Marin County’s history to new readers and captured warm reminiscences for its long-time residents. She has […]

Isabel Allende

Internationally acclaimed author Isabel Allende began writing novels in 1981. Since then her books have been translated into twenty-seven languages; two of the books were made into motion pictures and theater plays. All her works have a common theme: life is precious and should be lived free from oppression. Her novels feature female protagonists whose […]