Ruth Sluser’s thirty-five-year teaching career has encompassed serving at-risk and special education students, and administering programs for teenage mothers. Devoting herself to helping those with special needs to help themselves, she made a practical difference in the lives of many young women, providing the vision to see a high-risk person as a successful graduate and […]


Joyce Luther Kennard’s journey through life has been remarkable: From an early childhood spent in an internment camp in West Java during World War II, to preadolescence spent in the jungles of New Guinea with her widowed mother and four other families in a small Quonset hut with no running water, to an American immigrant […]


Since 1974, Donna Garske has been devoted to spirited activism on behalf of women, working initially with women in the criminal justice system, and then as Executive Director of Marin Abused Women’s Services (MAWS). Throughout her seventeen years at MAWS, she has led the way with innovative responses to men’s violence against women, including an […]


Kit M. Cole has dedicated her professional life to bringing women into leadership roles in the financial field. As a young divorcee with five children under the age of six, she left her job teaching to work as an assistant in a brokerage house. She quickly obtained her brokers license and became one of the […]