Felecia Gail Gaston was denied admission to her local school of ballet when she was a child because of the color of her skin. Years later, this painful experience was to become the impetus for one of her greatest accomplishments. In the late 80s, while serving as the Community Relations/Cultural Events Coordinator at the Marin […]


Patty Garbarino, President of Marin Sanitary Service, has been at the forefront of recycling technology nationwide. Her company began the first curbside recycling program and she was instrumental in beginning Marin’s Hazardous Waste Collection program. In the male-dominated waste management business, Ms. Garbarino has demonstrated courage and leadership. Despite the less-than-welcoming attitude in the industry […]


Dr. Rosario Carr-Casanova’s every move is focused on the empowerment of women and the improvement of their status. Throughout her dual careers as an accomplished psychotherapist and a professor, Dr. Carr-Casanova has demonstrated her belief in this goal. She has a deep love for education and a dream of providing opportunities for as many people […]


Winifred Baker’s musical and conducting excellence brought the best of choral music works to audiences in Marin, the Bay Area, New York and Europe. For forty years, she conducted the Winifred Baker Chorale and San Francisco Civic Chorale. The Chorales have performed with the San Francisco Symphony, the Marin Symphony, the San Francisco Civic Opera, […]