Faye D’Opal

Faye’s passion — helping create communities of justice, equality and peace for ourselves and the earth — is clear to all who know her. She works to change existing policies and resource allocation systems so that access and opportunity are provided to those who are most often neglected; especially women, children and the poor. She […]

Phyllis Thelen

During the past forty years, Phyllis has committed herself to volunteer community service through leadership by supporting existing cultural institutions and developing new ones. She has worked to further understanding about the role that art plays in quality of life. By learning a new vocabulary to communicate with businessmen and politicians, she has been successful […]

Anne Charles

Anne was an ardent feminist whose indomitable spirit and political skills advanced the cause of human rights for everyone. She broke ground in the women’s movement; as a member of Marin’s first Women’s Commission in 1974, she started a county process that brought women’s issues to public attention. As Chair of the Commission’s Affirmative Action […]

Cornelia “Toni” Busse

Cornelia “Toni” Busse epitomized the terms self-help, client rights, empowerment, advocacy, risk-taker and visionary. Her fifty years of volunteer service began in her children’s elementary school. From there she went on to volunteer with the Marin Public Health Department, and her work was a sparkplug, igniting others to action. She participated in the formation of […]

Melba Patillo Beals

Amid the howling mobs and fiery storm of the 1957 battle to integrate Little Rock Central High School, Melba Pattillo Beals and eight other young warriors risked their lives to change history. The U.S. Congress voted Beals and her “Little Rock Nine” companions the Congressional Gold Medal for their contribution to the Civil Rights movement. […]