Rose Verrall

Rose Rodrigues da Fonta Verrall (1883 – 1964) knew that giving to the community is an inherent part of life in Marin. But giving one’s entire inheritance of shoreline property to become a wildlife sanctuary is extraordinary generosity. This is the story of an incredible gift by a unique woman known as “Tiburon’s Goat Lady.” […]

Rev. Fu Nancy Schroeder

Fu Schroeder is a Buddhist priest, a teacher, an activist, an innovator, an organizer and a visionary. She is a mother, a mentor, a friend. Ordained in 1986, Fu has been part of the San Francisco Zen Center for thirty years. She serves as Director at Green Gulch Farm, and as president of the Marin […]

Elaine Petrocelli

When Elaine Petrocelli opened a bookstore thirty-two years ago, she envisioned a place that would bring the world to Marin and vice versa. That she has done so successfully, against the odds, is in itself a great story. Elaine Petrocelli has always been the face and heart of Book Passage, with her husband, Bill, working […]

Dr. Lois Moore

Dr. Lois Merriweather Moore, a wife, mother, grandmother and Novato resident, has been an educator for thirty-five years. She empowers her students to envision their own excellence, and gives them the tools to achieve success. Dr. Moore taught Spanish, English and English as a Second Language in Marin’s middle and high schools. While famous for […]

Cheryl Jennings

Outstanding TV journalism is synonymous with the name Cheryl Jennings. Behind the success is her heart, evident in her extensive service to the community of Marin and beyond. Jennings began her career at KNBR radio in 1974. Moving to K101, she became the station’s first-ever female news director and the second female news director in […]