Jean A. Taylor

For the better part of thirty years, Jean has voraciously tackled mounting social crisis that many find too daunting to even acknowledge. The courage and tenacity she has shown confronting homelessness, suicides & court corruption in Marin has had rippling and lasting effects. In 1989 Jean began to take notice that homelessness was on a […]

Catherine Munson

The Marin Women’s Hall of Fame honors Catherine Munson for her past efforts to preserve the Marin County Civic Center, acquire land for permanent open space and create the Point Reyes National Seashore. Catherine Munson grew up in a little town in central Nebraska during the depression. Her childhood was simple, but she enjoyed an […]

Remmy Kingsley

Remmy Kingsley remembered the moment years ago when she spotted a mushroom growing through the macadam in her driveway. “I was awed,” she said. “Right then I saw the power of nature.” That moment set the stage for a lifetime of environmental activism. Born Rembert Brimm eighty-seven years ago in Providence, RI, Remmy’s early responsibilities […]

Marilee Eckert

While still in high school, Marilee Eckert felt a calling to help youth keep their lives on track. She grew up on a small horse farm in rural Pennsylvania, her free time spent trail riding in the Blue Ridge Mountains. In a nearby town was a well-known residential treatment program for teens struggling with drug […]

Krystyna Demkowicz

Krystyna came to California in 1987. She was born the eldest daughter of a Polish immigrant and RCA factory worker, and was brought up with old fashioned solid work ethics and a business tool her father impressed upon her, which was, “make what you want from others easy for them to provide.” After one short […]

Joan Capurro

Born in Iowa, the third oldest of ten sisters and brothers, Joan Capurro says she comes from a typical Midwestern family: spiritually wealthy and financially poor, but she is anything but “typical.” Her banking career began as a page at Wells Fargo’s head office in San Francisco at age nineteen. She moved to Marin County […]

Joan Linn Bekins

In January 1964, the San Francisco Chronicle named Joan Linn as one of thirty-five business people chosen as “Bay Area Leaders Who Made Their Mark in 1963.” After a long professional public relations, sales promotion and advertising career representing agricultural industries, Joan married Don Bekins in 1964 at age 34. With their infant in a […]

Teveia Barnes

Teveia Rose Barnes has known from early childhood that she wanted to be an attorney. A self-described skinny kid with large glasses from San Antonio, Texas, she was the one who all the other children would approach to settle disputes. As a youngster, she was considered extremely studious. She came into her own in college, […]

Angeles Arrian

Angeles Arrien was a cultural anthropologist, award-winning author, educator and consultant to many organizations and businesses. Raised biculturally and first generation of a Basque immigrant family from the Pyrenees mountains of Spain, Angeles discovered a deep interest in teaching and in learning about other cultures as a young girl, because of her own bicultural experience. […]