Bettie Hodges

Bettie Hodges is an activist, philanthropic professional, educator and community development specialist whose professional career spans more than thirty years. Ms. Hodges is a native Marinite whose parents, Ruth and Charles, were part of the Great Migration of Blacks who fled the South in search of freedom and opportunity in the North and West. Bettie’s […]

Patricia Gibbs

Tricia Hellman Gibbs, MD, is the co-founder — along with her husband of nearly thirty years, Richard D. Gibbs, MD — of the San Francisco Free Clinic. Established in 1993, SFFC’s mission is to provide free accessible medical treatment to those without health insurance, and to advance the field of primary care by providing educational […]

Elissa Giambastiano

As President and Chief Executive Officer of the San Rafael Chamber of Commerce, Elissa helped establish the Marin Consortium for Workforce Housing and the Marin Workforce Housing Trust. She worked with Marin Vision to create the Marin Economic Commission and with the Marin Community Foundation to create opportunities for low-income minority representatives to attend the […]

Joan Brown

Joan Brown created Marin County’s internationally acclaimed Civic Center Volunteers (CCV), and directed it for more than thirty-two years. She started the program after property-tax-cutting Proposition 13 passed, with zero volunteers, and the first-ever county strike looming only weeks away. The program grew to more than 8,500 volunteers in 2011 when Joan retired, increasing services […]

Claudia Asprer

Claudia Asprer has dedicated her career and life to foster children and adolescent services. She is the founder of Movin On Up, a non-profit organization that helps foster youth aging out of foster care find the resources they need to become successful. Over the past fifteen years, Claudia and her husband, Roy Asprer, have personally […]