Barbara Salzman

Barbara Salzman has been speaking out to protect wetlands, wildlife and the health of our ecosystems for almost forty years, but she did not start out as an advocate for these resources. Barbara grew up in Upper Darby Pennsylvania, a mostly-developed area with very little natural environment left. The only open space was a neighborhood […]

Olga Murray

Born in Transylvania in 1925 as Olga Davis, Olga immigrated to the United States in 1931 with her mother, two sisters and brother. Her father had emigrated four years before and settled in New York. A skilled craftsman, he arrived in New York with just his violin and thirty-eight dollars in his pocket. A year […]

Kate Kain

Kate Kain, Deputy Executive Director for the Center for Domestic Peace, is one of Marin County’s leaders in the work to end domestic violence. Her work has played an instrumental part in the statewide and international movement to transform society by bringing primary prevention programs to children, youth and adults with the goal of ending […]

Colleen Hicks

Colleen Hicks’ Native American lineage comes from her Cherokee paternal grandfather. He moved to Idaho from the Midwest to build a life for his family away from the prevalent violent prejudice against native people. In Southern Idaho, he apprenticed with a barber and set up a small business. Once the KKK discovered his native identity […]