Wanden Treanor, JD

Marin County would be a starkly different community had Wanden Treanor not dedicated herself to social justice issues — as an attorney, community activist, volunteer, and donor.  Wanden has an internal compass for equality and justice that never wavers and she has contributed to our community and those most in need in Marin for more […]

Virginia Edwards, EdD

A dedicated educator for over forty years, Dr. Virginia Green Edwards has brought to the classroom a strong belief in education and community service instilled in her by her parents. She was taught to take responsibility for her actions and to consider the consequences of the choices she makes in life. She has passed on […]

Paola Gianturco

Paola Gianturco is an activist author/photographer who has documented women’s lives in 60 countries, has had five books published—and is a grandmother. Paola has always viewed the world through a multicultural lens, inspired by her American mother and Italian father. Paola’s father came to the US from Italy to be a fellow in radiology at […]

Linda Tavaszi, PhD

If there is one phrase that describes Dr. Linda Tavaszi, it is that “she makes the impossible happen.” She has spent her entire adult life supporting the less fortunate, helping community organizations succeed, and mentoring others. She is driven by one goal – making the world a better place. The impact she has made on […]

Zara Babitzke, MA

Zara’s Early Years birth through 20’s Growing up in the steel town of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, from a lower middle class family, Zara was born a twin. Her younger sister came along seven years later. At the age of two, Zara and her fraternal twin sister met their father for the first time.  He had been […]