Patricia Arrigoni

Patricia Alice Larry Arrigoni was born and grew up in the Midwest in the town of Danville, Illinois. For a small Midwest town, Danville was home to an unusually long list of celebrities including Gene Hackman, Donald O’Connor, Bobby Short, and the Van Dyke brothers, Dick and Jerry. Pat and Jerry were good friends, playing […]

Cyane Dandridge

Cyane Dandridge is the founder and executive director of Strategic Energy Innovations (SEI), and the School of the Environmental Leadership (SEL). Throughout her 30 plus years of experience Cyane has seen the challenges communities face, such as lack of access to energy efficiency services, clean technology, and real-world sustainability pathways. Cyane was born in Indiana, […]

Wendy Dreskin

Wendy Dreskin has worked for decades to encourage people of all ages, from preschoolers to seniors, to connect with and learn about the environment. She has inspired generations of environmental stewards who have developed a sense of place, and an understanding of, and responsibility for, our open spaces in Marin and beyond. Born and raised […]

Trisha Garlock

Trisha Garlock has been a leader in the school foundation movement since its inception almost 40 years ago and hasn’t stopped since co-founding Kiddo!, the Mill Valley Schools Community Foundation, and currently serving as President of SchoolsRule-Marin. Trisha’s dedication to providing an equitable and rich education for all imbues everything that she does and is […]

Jane Kramer

Passion for music, children and culture has been woven into Jane Kramer’s identity from a very young age. Coupled with her deep commitment to opportunity and equity, it is no surprise that her life’s work has been dedicated to creating and growing Enriching Lives through Music (ELM), a full scholarship, multi-year music program serving over […]