Alice Yarish

Alice Yarish always loved to write. She wrote for various publications throughout high school, college and law school. During the Olympic Games held in Los Angeles in the summer of 1932, Alice reported on the women’s competitive events. Eventually moving to Marin, she began to cover the courts, prisons and other aspects of the criminal justice system. Writing about some of the most famous Marin trials in recent history, Alice distinguished herself as a champion for social justice and a talented investigative reporter.

Earning the trust of many San Quentin inmates, she was able to explain to the reading public the trouble that some prisoners faced and what life was really like inside a maximum security prison. Her advocacy on their behalf continued to build her reputation as a fighter for social justice. Alice also wrote about the local political scene, the policies of local law enforcement departments and was responsible for uncovering questionable practices. Her trademark was to “stick up for the people who couldn’t speak up for themselves.” Her life had many rewards, among them meeting several U.S. Presidents, diplomats, famous artists and musicians. She was also the proud founder of Marin Advocates for Justice. She served on many boards of local organizations and was on the county’s Adult Criminal Justice Commission for two terms.