Anne Charles

Anne was an ardent feminist whose indomitable spirit and political skills advanced the cause of human rights for everyone. She broke ground in the women’s movement; as a member of Marin’s first Women’s Commission in 1974, she started a county process that brought women’s issues to public attention. As Chair of the Commission’s Affirmative Action Committee, she led the fight that resulted in Marin County hiring female department directors.

Anne was constantly testing limits by venturing into areas dominated by men. Her vision of what women could accomplish encouraged them to pursue goals previously thought to be unattainable. She believed in making the world a better place for women and had a passion for getting good women into elected office.

As part of her multitude of civic activities, she served as Executive Director of Falkirk, formed the Marin Arts Council and became its first Executive Director after a nation-wide search. She broke ground (and glass ceilings) as the first female President of the Boyd Science Museum.

Anne founded and empowered several organizations that continue to advance the cause of equality and access for all. As a skillful and organized administrator, she served our community as well as the State Bar of California with verve and focus. She did all this along with her responsibilities to her husband and four children.

Anne is remembered as a woman of great style and panache, a witty and loving person.