Barbara Lee

Born in Los Angeles and raised by a strong and loving grandmother who believed and lived the axiom that compassion for others is a gift to oneself, which was one of the first of Barbara’s many gifts.

As a Stewardess for United Air Lines she met her future husband. They settled in Marin County where their seven children grew up, another gift. The children were raised in Lucas Valley, which they consider a gift.

Volunteering focused on the schools: Hot dog days, the library, Little League and the Swim Team, and “Another Mother for Peace.” As the children grew, time opened for some ventures outside the home: Proprietor of San Anselmo Antiques, a re-entry woman at Indian Valley College and a Docent at the De Young Museum. Not all at once, however.

After divorcing, she and a friend opened an interior design studio. She also found a new community at St. John’s church and while there served on the Vestry, led adult classes and chaired the annual Christmas Boutique.

St John’s had become involved in the Canal Community at the time the “Boat People” were coming from the Far East, and she became the St. John’s representative to the Canal Ministry. Beginning as an ESL volunteer, she volunteered as Secretary and then served on and chaired the Board. Another gift.

In 1999 a newspaper article gave her the idea of starting Image for Success. Through the gracious support of Mary Donovan at CalWorks and Homeward Bound at the beginning, and then the support and donations of the Marin Community, Image has grown to where it has provided two-week wardrobes for over 8,000 men, women and children.

Barbara is also a member of Clipped Wings (former UAL Flight Attendants,) and on the Board of Marin Charitable.

Her grandmother’s “gift of compassion” has been a gift that has kept on giving to Barbara.