Betty Times

Betty Times was a leader in Marin County since high school days. Married and the mother of five children by the age of twenty two, Ms. Times entered a job training program when her youngest child was two. She simultaneously entered a bachelor’s degree program and earned her B.S. in 1979. She began working for the County of Marin as a typist in the public library and ultimately became a major department head. As Director of Citizen’s Services with the County of Marin, Ms. Times was responsible for providing services to the most vulnerable of Marin’s citizens.

Ms. Times’ public career included three elections to the Sausalito School Board, where she served as President three times, a founding member of the Marin County Commission on the Status of Women, President of the Marin NWPC and its national Vice-President, Chair of the Marin Democratic Central Committee, board member of Marin General Hospital, and service on numerous local and regional boards.

After her retirement from county government, Ms. Times became Administrative Director of the Marin City Project, where she displayed her outstanding leadership while the community worked to be active in economic and community development, and to take advantage of the opportunities afforded by the Marin City USA development. Focusing on coordination of efforts to serve Marin City, she worked to improve the conditions and well-being of Marin City’s residents. Ms. Times passed away in 2001.