Dr. Lois Moore

Dr. Lois Merriweather Moore, a wife, mother, grandmother and Novato resident, has been an educator for thirty-five years. She empowers her students to envision their own excellence, and gives them the tools to achieve success.

Dr. Moore taught Spanish, English and English as a Second Language in Marin’s middle and high schools. While famous for setting the performance bar high, Lois set even higher standards for herself. She knew that if she didn’t excel, she couldn’t expect her students to excel. She is a superior role model for students. In addition to speaking appearances and presenting research at international conferences, her professional training included the Women & Power Executive Education Program at Harvard University and the Institute for Social and International Studies in Barcelona, Spain.

As an Adjunct Professor in the International & Multicultural Education Department of the University of San Francisco, Dr. Moore teaches other teachers and administrators. She assists doctoral scholars in gathering, organizing and presenting research at international conferences such as the Hawaii International Conference on Education in Honolulu and the International Association for Intercultural Education Conference in Verona, Italy. Presenting at prestigious conferences gives junior scholars needed exposure that significantly enhances job marketability, and Lois shows them how it’s done.

Moore also helps doctoral scholars navigate the arduous road to professional publication – a critical step on the path to tenure. In her second publication, The Dispersion of Africans and African Culture Throughout the World: Essays on the African Diaspora, Moore edited and published the research of several doctoral scholars that she taught. By having a publication on record before they graduated, Moore’s students had an edge in the job market. Dr. Moore’s collaboration in this work was a milestone in the history of USF’s School of Education.

Lois Moore teaches more than what’s in the textbook. She’s a living example that education is a lifetime project. She teaches students how to live by exhibiting character, self-respect, perseverance and integrity. She empowers students by challenging them to perform at levels they thought impossible.

Dr. Moore’s commitment to community and educational excellence has been widely recognized. She has received the Martin Luther King Humanitarian Award, the Novato Citizen of the Year Award, the Bay Area Blacks in Philanthropy Leadership & Achievement Award, the Carl. A. Grant Multicultural Research Award and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation Gates Millennium Scholarship Award. We welcome her to the Marin Women’s Hall of Fame.