Elizabeth Terwilliger

Elizabeth Terwilliger, known to generations of Marin residents as “Mrs. T,” has devoted over forty years of her life to environment teaching. She began the work as a young mother when she took her own children on nature walks. During these times, she shared her high regard for all living creatures and extensive knowledge about the eco-system of Marin. Through her animal collection, her famous walks and countless visits to Marin and Bay Area schools, she has communicated her love of nature in a creative and memorable way.

Mrs. T, an active member of the Marin Conservation League, worked toward the creation of Monarch butterfly preserves and the purchase of land for open space and parks. The establishment of the natural preserve on Goat Hill, located on the Tiburon peninsula, was a direct result of Mrs. T’s efforts. She helped to co-found the Marin County chapter of the Audubon Society. Mrs. T. also helped to establish many of the bike paths throughout the county, setting an example for other communities and the nation, and enabling cyclists to enjoy the beauty of Marin. She is the recipient of numerous local and national awards, including the President’s Volunteer Action Award, given to her by President Ronald Reagan at the White House in 1984.