Eva Long, Ph.D

Eva Long, Ph.D., is a Gerontologist and the Founder, President and CEO of the Center for Longevity, Transition, and Renewal. The center specializes in medical science research related to the longevity of life.  Throughout Eva’s history of professional accomplishments, she is frequently noted as the first female or first Asian American to attain or receive the achievement. Continuous learning is one of her strongest values in life and that value shows up throughout her personal and professional history.

Eva is a native Californian, born to immigrants. Eva’s father was a U.S. merchant and her mother was a doctor in Canton, China. After the birth of Eva’s sister, the family immigrated to Angel Island. In addition to two older sisters, Eva has an older brother whom she was very close to. Even from a very young age, the importance of education was instilled in Eva and her siblings, and although her primary language was Chinese, her father encouraged her to learn English because she was an American.

Eva had a typical childhood until she was diagnosed with having a rare, deadly bone disease. At seven years old, the disease was working its way through her body. She had two major surgeries and spent years recuperating. As a child, Eva recognized that every day she was alive was a blessing. Physicians considered her a poster child for the rare disease and her parents were very protective and supportive of her physical limitations. Through the experience of living with this life-altering disease, Eva developed resiliency, independence, self-determination and never lost sight of her dreams. She was driven by purposeful living, morals and God’s will. She continues to give back, express appreciation, and practice generosity as she knows first-hand that “we have only this moment”. She never wanted pity or to be helpless.

Eva has been blessed to have had the best mentors and coaches throughout her life. They gave her advice and challenged her thinking. Most of all, Eva’s mother was the strongest influence in her life. She realized the importance of developing leadership skills and not settling when she wasn’t sure how to learn a particular skill. She listened, learned and implemented the advice she received. To do this day, she continues to seek feedback to continue learning. She was determined to ensure there would never be an experience or a challenge that she could not overcome. Today, Eva serves as a mentor and coach to those who seek her out for help and learning — and she is rewarded with the exchange of friendship.

Eva earned a Bachelor’s degree in Education and a Master’s degree in Art from San Francisco State University, as well as a Master’s degree in Educational Administration, Curriculum and Supervision from Stanford University and a Doctorate from The Fielding Institute in Santa Barbara. She is currently completing postdoctoral studies, which she is proud to say is self-funded and that she is in no hurry to complete because she enjoys the learning so much.  

Through her Medical Science Research in Geriatric Medicine, Eva’s work and efforts have made a positive difference in countless lives. Her dedication, commitment, and laser focus on medical science and dynamic leadership are contagious. Through her more than 25 years of postdoctoral research in this subject she grew to love, she became an expert in life’s greatest challenge: longevity. Although it’s taken her many years to see the finish line, she knows that in addition to having fun with her studies, she must complete the work. Since her postdoctoral degree is self-funded, she’s had the luxury of being able to stop along the way to dive into new discoveries. Quality is everything to her, so whether small or big, each discovery is worth the curve in her path.

Eva is a visionary, innovative, compassionate and humble leader with a compelling mission. She has served in many roles throughout her career in education. She built a successful career as a Teacher and Superintendent, and as Adjunct Faculty at UC Berkeley. Her success is credited to her dedication to continued learning, regardless of job title, so she could acquire the information needed to make her a great leader in any capacity. She was elected to the Board of Trustees for Marin Community College District where she served for 21 years. Additionally, she was appointed to the California Curriculum Commission for three terms, and appointed Superintendent of Schools for both PreK-8 and PreK-12. She is the Past President of the Marin National Women Political Caucus, and has received national achievements including the Marcus Foster Civil Rights award, and recipient of a Rockefeller, Ford and Fulbright Fellowship. In partnership with the College of Marin, she co-founded the Mini-Medical School Training which has served more than 2,200 students on the topic of health and wellness.

Eva stands tall on high ethical standards in areas of civil rights, equity and minority voice, and she models fearless leadership in her advocacy. She can always be counted on to speak up for students and the community. Her friends describe her as amazing and often ask, “How do you do it all?” She humbly credits others for her Marin County Women’s Hall of Fame award—to her heroes and heroines whose achievements and successes surround and support her.