Evelyn Callas, M.D.

Over the past thirty years, perhaps no other woman has consistently impacted the lives of so many Marin County children as Evelyn Callas. It has been said of her, “She is professional, caring, warm and understanding, unpretentious, low-key and devoted to her young patients. She does it all, from fixing the pediatric department’s broken toys, to hugging a scared child, to giving clear instructions to worried parents.”

Dr. Callas’s advocacy on behalf of children has resulted in legislative changes to protect children from abuse and neglect. Largely due to her efforts, an important bill was passed that allows physicians to photograph children without parental consent.

In 1978, Dr. Callas was appointed Chief of Pediatrics by Kaiser Permanente, the first woman to be appointed a department chief. She was also Assistant Clinical Professor of Pediatrics at the University of California, San Francisco and has served as Board Secretary of the Easter Seals Society.

When she retired from Kaiser in 1989, Dr. Callas focused on her work at UCSF, becoming Director of Pediatric Urgent Care for five years. In the fall of 1995, she moved to Mt. Shasta where she utilizes her knowledge of pediatrics by volunteering at a medical clinic and spending one day per week at a school-based health clinic organized by the county schools and the local medical group. Particularly concerned with the care of acutely sick and needy children, she is involved in various committees concerning emergency medical care for children and school attendance.