Grace Wellman

Grace Wellman gave her time, over and over, to influence issues meaningful to the community. Her involvement and leadership were varied: She ran the Civil Defense for Kentfield during World War II, and she coordinated the volunteer program, speaker’s bureau and other programs for the Marin American Red Cross. She played a leadership role with both the Marin Garden Club and the Marin Outdoor Art Club. In addition, Mrs. Wellman’s volunteer support to the Marin Conservation League lasted over forty years, as she served as its President and in numerous other capacities.

Mrs. Wellman was instrumental in saving the Bolinas lagoon, as well as many other open space areas. She described much of her work in conservation as learning “when to play Paul Revere,” including when to sound the alarm, whom to call, and where to go. In 1982, she was awarded the Green Award, the highest award of the Marin Conservation League in recognition of her years of excellence in the environmental field. She attributed her success to the fact that she enjoyed people, she could organize them and they could have fun.