Isabel Allende

Internationally acclaimed author Isabel Allende began writing novels in 1981. Since then her books have been translated into twenty-seven languages; two of the books were made into motion pictures and theater plays. All her works have a common theme: life is precious and should be lived free from oppression. Her novels feature female protagonists whose strength, intelligence and creativity enable them to endure hardships, fight oppression and improve the world around them.

A Marin County resident since 1988, Ms. Allende typifies the characteristics of her protagonists. She combines toughness with gentleness, spirituality with independence. A Chilean native, Ms. Allende, through her actions and her novels, fought the Pinochet regime until its downfall in 1988. Originally a journalist, she wrote her first novel, “The House of Spirits”, in 1981 to bring attention to the brutality of the Pinochet regime.

Since becoming a Marin resident, Ms. Allende has greatly and purposefully lent her support to numerous philanthropic organizations and agencies that enrich our community.

Ms. Allende has received several honorary degrees and her books have received numerous awards including: Best Novel of the Year-Panorama Literario, Chile, 1983; Book of the Year, Germany, 1984; Grand Prix d’Evasion, France, 1984, Grand Prix de la Radio Television Belge, Belgium, 1985; Freedom to Write, Pen Club, USA 1991 and many others.

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